Rise and Shine: A Poem

I woke up half drunk.

My breath could start a fire

If I stood too close to a flame.

I stumbled awkwardly over area rugs

Navigating dog toys and household debris like land mines.

I bathed in coffee and cornbread,

Haphazardly washing the previous night out of me.

I went to work in the clothes I was in,

Hoping no one would notice I slept in them.

I threw up on my keyboard

And fell out of my chair onto the office floor.

I was never this person,

So tightly wound I could never tolerate the thought

of letting anyone down, let alone myself,

But these days I am looser, calmer, more relaxed.

Instead of going into a panic,

I left the vomit on my keyboard and no one seemed to notice.

“Welcome to the club,” said their silence,

“You are forgiven.”