Predator / Prey : A Poem

Predator / Prey

Every day on my commute in to work

I see the same hawk perched atop a lamppost

surveying the asphalt for the carcasses of smaller animals,

who by some act of hubris or confusion or possibly both

decided to risk their lives for the sake of food or shelter.

The hawk arrogantly allows decades of automotive technology to do the work for it.

It benefits from the grueling research and test trials over years and years,

aimed to create the perfect product.

It doesn’t deal in the trauma of cracking of the skull,

The mess of draining of blood,

Or the intimacy of the final few minutes it takes for the brain to seize.

It just gets the end result, a perfect dish it didn’t have to create.

Lately when I see the hawk, I find myself hoping for its demise.

I fantasize that it will swoop down for a second bite of its ready made meal

and get smashed by the same deadly weaponry it uses to feed itself.

Then again, in more rational moments not plagued by my indignation,

I realize justice is saved for the human world in court rooms and law offices.

The animal kingdom isn’t fair and we have been conditioned to feel sorry for the weak.

Can the hawk really be blamed for the choice of a small invertebrate,

not known for their decision making skills,

to act upon impulse rather than logic?