Reflection / The Space Between: Poems


Look me in my eyes

There is no imperialist waiting to rape you of your history

no solitary cell waiting to bind you under heavy lock and key

You will only see yourself reflected back in your purest flawless form

It is my reflection in your eyes that should be feared.


The Space Between

There is a vacuum in the space that fills the distance that currently feeds between you and me

Constantly pulling in bits of tattered debris, ripped away from the mass of our nature and shared memories

You and I once stood so close the light from our souls took this dark form’s breath away like two fingers to a flame

but now day by day we have given it room to wake as we walk equidistant steps backward measured in things we refused to say

Like a mother bird it stole bits of us and vomited them out into the hungry mouths of discontent and repression who thrive on a diet of this new fresh meat

They rip and tear greedily as they feast and as dessert they gorge themselves on what used to be my ability to eat and sleep

Now all that's left to eat by this army of semi satiated bottom dwellers are the words "good bye "

But we have walked too far apart to hear the phrase so we continue to walk as we hope and pray over rumbling stomachs echoing in the lonely night.