Warmth: A Collection of Poems


I want you to eat me alive

Start feet first and rip apart my ankles and my shins

Work your way up as you savor my torso and my chest

Wash them down with my blood like sweet wine

Finish with my head so I can look you in the eyes

And watch you as you tear into my throat

All I ask is that you leave my ears intact

I want to hear your thoughts from the inside

As you obsess over which part of me

Will make which part of you swell

Making your favorite dress not fit you as it should


Lie To Me

Sometimes I wonder what else you use that forked tongue for

What mischief it creates behind the comfort of closed doors

What lies it hides under the safety of foreign skin

I have seen it, sometimes when you don’t think I am looking

with scars crossing its surface like busy city streets

forged out of cuts made from ancient lies told through gritted teeth

Sometimes I see it sneaking out slowly before you realize it is trying to escape

before you lock it up tight behind that pearly white gate you painted to make it more wholesome

Is it looking for another garden to rob of its grace?

On dark days, I think of losing any last shred of innocence I possess

just for the creature comfort of being the center of that attention


Remember Me?

Sometimes I hear your whispers from beneath the dirt where you sleep

across town lines and over the noise of heavy traffic on busy interstates

The sound of your voice is distorted by your tongue now made of dust

coming through the spider webs in what was once your throat

Your words are deafening as you plead  

“Please come visit me”

But I pretend to not hear you