Forest to Shore: A Collection of Poems


I was raised by wolves

Born in blood and ripened in damp, dark caves.

I have seen my evolved kin and their cowardly ways,

bowing before those who are not of our kind

as I hide in the cover of the vegetation.

In my veins runs white hot anger,

A blinding urge to spread the entrails of their oppressors across the forest floor

spelling out “NO MASTERS” with their waste and plasma

So that any monster seeking a friend

Will turn back before ever thinking twice

About giving me the home they think I need.

A home I may or may not deserve


No Sleep

I ask you for answers I know full well you don’t owe me,

Answers you may not ever know yourself,

In hopes of gaining some sort of insight

into a mind that I both covet and fear.

I catch myself running my fingers through your hair,

hoping as I part your locks that it may expose a vent,

Giving me access to the instruments and equipment

you use to keep yourself awake

So that no one will ever take advantage of you again

While you sleep.

I wonder if you will ever allow yourself to dream

Or if you know what dreaming is.


Sea Legs

I cannot explain why miss the feeling of drowning while I am on dry land.

The salt in my eyes and the water in my lungs that caused such panic

sometimes seem less terrifying than leaving the coast behind.