2013 - Artifacts

After I got home from being at the bar for a few hours with some friends, I felt too awake to sleep and too scatter brained to absorb any tv or reading so I decided to clean out my side tables. Logical right? I have been feeling a need to throw away some things and get rid of some of the crap I have accumulated over the last few years for a few days now anyways so I figured I would give in to that urge. There was a lot of meaningless stuff, like old band pins, random receipts, notebooks full of lyrics and poems I thought were good and weren't, cords to technology I no longer own, loose change, film I don't remember using, and so on. I did however find these pages from a book I started 4 years ago with some fuji mini photos I took right around the time I started to get back into photography. These photos, although meaningless to most, captured a short time in my life that I struggle at times to remember. They say hindsight its 20/20 but I lose track of it more often than not. These photos show a few things. I was young, much younger than I felt at the time, my band was writing the final record we wrote  (my personal favorite of any musical work I have created), I lived in two apartments that year, I was in an upswing of interest in fishing, and I was with close friends. Some of those things have changed. Some of those people moved away or I simply don't see them anymore, those apartments are no longer mine, the house my bandmates lived in where half of these photos were taken burned down and was demolished, the band itself is no longer together ( reference house burning down ), those two cats are no longer in my life, etc. Nonetheless, it was a cool time to live through and I'm happy I found these brief windows that allowed me to see back to that period and to have tangible proof of those times.